Monday, 22 February 2016

Scout Fluff

The Red Hands scout squad are a group of elite scouts. Each member is a Sergeant in his own right. So lets start with the leader of the squad:

Veteran Sergeant Matteus.
Veteran Sergeant Matteus has been honoured many times for his service to the Obsidian Wings chapter. Most notably, were his actions that lead to the capture of one of the Fallen, on the feral world of Enkidu, having personally silenced the fallen angel's retinue, he cleared the way for the Terminators of the inner circle to capture the foul traitor. He has turned down positions within various companies, including an appointment to the vaulted 1st company, in order to continue leading the 10th Company. 

Brother Sergeant Danius
Brother Sergeant Danius has been with the Red Hands since just prior to the Enkidu campaign, his service record has recorded 51 confirmed kills; 20 of which were traitor marines, 11 Eldar raiders, 15 Tyranids, and 5 Ork Nobz. 

Brother Sergeant Tartus
Brother Sergeant Tartus has been with the Red Hands since the time of the Second Tyrannic war, he distinguished himself by single handedly slaying a carnifex prior to the extraction of the chapter from the world of Sotha as they were providing aid to the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter.

Brother Sergeant Boreas
Brother Sergeant Boreas is the newest member of the Red Hands. His marksmanship is what set him apart from the rest of his peers in the 10th company. 

Brother Sergeant Tanis
Brother Sergeant Tanis is the second in command within the Red Hands, having aided Veteran Sergeant Matteus in the capture of a Fallen Angel on Enkidu. He has distinguished himself many times through the years, once killing 2 Ork boyz with one shot.

Brother Sergeant Crantz
Being the only heavy weapons specialist within the Red Hands, Brother Sergeant Crantz has been tasked with training the neophyte scouts in the art of heavy weapons, and demolitions.

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