Saturday, 20 February 2016


So; I had fun. I didn't have the worst luck, but I didn't place. I won one out of three games. The first was a close one verses Space Wolves, I lost by 2 points. The Dice gods did not smile upon me, save for a squad of veterans that made quite a few saves. The second was embarrassing; I got my face handed to me by Sisters of battle with White Scars and Blood Angels. Drop pods for days. I got to the relic, and got murdered. I got 1 secondary and 1 tertiary objective. The last was against a KDK list. The player was inexperienced, but played well; Though, that is where my dreadnoughts really shined through Taking out a Chaos Knight Paladin Between the first turn shooting phase, and my next overwatch phase. Dealing a Penetrating hit that exploded; plus the 3 extra hp lost from the extra D3, By the end of my shooting phase, it was down to 1 HP, I let it charge me the next turn, as I stood no chance in Melee, and I knew I would have more chance with overwatch at full BS. The Next turn they charged, and I took the last hp with a lascannon. I didn't win anything, But I got to drop a big robot. With that kill, they paid for themselves, as the Knight was 375 points.

I need drop pods. Like 6 of them. All in all it was an awesome day. I got some great games in, had fun, and got to see some new armies. I need to get Grav weapons. I want to build a set of Grav devastators. Though, I picked up a scout squad that I think I am going to document my build, and maybe painting, for my next post.

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