Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Summoner build

So, as I previously stated, I am documenting the building of the Gaunt Summoner. Here we go.

Glued disc.
So, I started by gluing the disc parts together, since the two sections don't really obscure any parts by themselves.

Blue, so much blue.
So I did most of the blue, both Ultrasmurf Blue, and Enchanted blue, while it was on the sprue.  

The Disc on the base.
At this point, I had just finished the base, I used Magenta Ink on some of the fleshy bits and Leadbelcher on the blades. The green on the bottom part is Dark Angels green, with Dark Green Ink, and Desert Yellow as a dry brush.

Another image from a different angle.
This one shows the teeth on the disc a little better; I did them in using P3s Menolith White Base. It is the closest thing I could find to the old Bleached Bone.

Some finalized images.
I skipped some steps since I was in the zone while painting.

More angles.

Even more angles.

Still more angles.

Last image.

So that is that. I have finished the build. As previously mentioned, I will mostly be using this as a Sorcerer of Tzeentch on a Disc. 

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