Friday, 5 December 2014

Chaos Space Marines vs Dark angels

This was a 1150 point game, the Obsidian Wing chapter had received reports of Chaos activity upon the planets surface. 

The lists:
Warlord: Sorcerer of Nurgle
Troops: 2x Cultist squads
Elite: Hellbrute with Twin linked Las
Heavy support: Havoc squad in a Rhino, Chaos Land raider
1142 points

Obsidian Wings:
Warlord: Company Master in Terminator armour and a command Squad
Troops: 2x Tactical squad
Elite: Company Veteran Squad in a Rhino
1150 points

Chaos deployment, it seems that they were waiting for the Loyalists. Was this a trap?

The Obsidian Wings counter deployment.

End of Movement phase turn 1. Everything to the front! Except for the cultists that are holding the objective that is. [I also forgot to move my nurglings here.]

End of Chaos psychic phase; A Herald of Khorne, and a pack of blood letters appear!

Forward for the Emperor! 

After the shooting phase, five Blood letters fell to a plasma cannon shot.

Chaos Movement, Nurglings come out to play, wanting to join in the battle.

Psychic phase; Another Herald appears!

Nurglings charge the command squad!

Tie up the command squad!

Hellbrute Down! The combined fire of a vet squad, Tactical squad, and a Rhino brought it down.

Chaos Rhino in position, Havoc Squad disembark! Also, The bloodletters smell Loyalist, and are looking for a meal.

After the shooting and assault phases: Space Marine Rhino wrecked by fire from the Havoc squad, and the land raider; Tactical squad eaten by bloodletters, and Command squad down to one man from the continued pestering of Nurglings.

At this point The Obsidian Wings broke off from this battle, as they received a vox report about a pincer force that was coming to trap them.

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